Mary Everest Boole  Photo: Cambridge University Library

Mary Everest Boole  Photo: Cambridge University Library

Who Was Mary Everest Boole?

Do you know who Mary Everest Boole is? Beyond who her male relatives are, I mean. Beyond the same tired five lines of information that the internet typically has to offer.

Mary Everest Boole was a pioneer. She was a feminist, a rebel, and a math whiz. Mary somehow raised a household full of children on her own while covertly teaching mathematics to young girls in a time when women were prohibited from teaching at universities.

She is the mother of string art

Her creative teaching methods opened up an understanding of mathematics to young girls in the 1800s. This included stitching string into fascinating designs via parabolic angles. Sound familiar?

In String Art Magic, I interviewed Mary Everest Boole’s great granddaughter to go beyond the few lines dedicated to her in the history books, revealing the insane level of grit and determination that Mary poured into her work.

see Mary as never before

String Art Magic also includes a never-before-published photo of young Mary during her teaching days. Chances are, in your research about Mary, you've probably only seen the above photo. Mary's family provided me with a new photo of Mary to go down in history.

It’s time that Mary Everest Boole's story of genius, grit and determination was told. Read the interview and get the never-before-seen photo of young Mary Everest Boole in String Art Magic: